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The Spot-on Sundial - a new concept in sundials


The 15 cm. Spot-On Sundial in Stainless Steel

for the London latitude


The sundial measures 15 x 15 x 11 cm. high, and weighs 1.75 kg. It can be attached to a plinth or any other horizontal service using the four blind M6 threaded holes at 10 cm. centres on the underside. If it is to be used freestanding, for example, on a windowsill, four self-adhesive feet are supplied to give a 9 mm. spacing between the surface and the sundial.

This sundial features the split gnomon which is the distinctive innovation of all sundials in the Spot-On family. It can be set up accurately to true North, following the procedure on our setup page.

The price of the 15 cm. Spot-On Sundial in stainless steel is 150 + 10 packing and delivery.

At present, this sundial is made only for the latitude of London, and is thus suitable for locations in the southern half of England, Ireland south of Dublin, and most of Germany. For other locations, please send us an Email

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