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The Spot-on Sundial - a new concept in sundials


The Spot-On Polar Sundial

An unusual sundial echoing the 3 Millennium sundials designed for the Tylers and Bricklayers company of the City of London. One of these is near the Millennium footbridge in Central London.

This handsome modern sundial is made to our design in India. It is of solid brass, and weighs 5.25 kg. It is 31.5 cm. wide, 14 cm. overall depth, and 13 cm. overall height. (This is equivalent to 11½lb, and 12.4 ins. width by 5.5 ins. depth by 5.1 ins. overall height). You can click on the pictures below to see a full-size image.

base plateThe fixings are concealed to avoid pilferage. The baseplate (see picture) isfirst alignedd to true North and screwed down to a suitable plinth; the sundial is then attached to the baseplate using the special recessed screws which fit in to the mounting blocks shown in the photograph.

The gnomon (which casts the shadow) is the "oxhead" in the centre of the dial. At 6 am, the shadow from the top of the gnomon just skims the top of the left hand "ear". By 6.45 the shadow has traversed the ear, and arrived on the main dialplate. It slowly moves across the dial. At noon, the sun is directly overhead, and the shadow is immediately below the gnomon in the centre of the dialplate.


The gnomon is made from two brass plates with a narrow air gapp. At solar noon, when the sun is directly over head, a line of light shines through the air gap for a few minutes only. This enables the sundial to be set absolutely accurately to true north, knowing only the time of solar noon at your exact location (see our sister website at www.solar-noon.com)

The sundial is priced at £325 including UK mainland delivery. Please enquire for other destinations. The price includes up to 5 lines of inscription (up to 25 words in total) on the backplate, which measures 30 cm. wide by 8 cm. high. Extra text, logos and images can also be incorporated in the engraving at extra cost


Customised engraving make these sundials a very unusual and very personal present.



The polar dial is supplied with a baseplate (shown in the left-hand photo at the head of the page) which adjusts the angle of the gnomon for different latitudes as shown in the table. Use the links For an approximate indication of the latitudes in Europe or North America.

The hour lines on polar dials are parallel with the gnomon; they are indicated with Roman numerals for winter time and Arabic numerals for summer time. At 6 a.m. winter time the shadow of the oxhead gnomon just skims the left hand "ear" of the sundial, and from just before 7, the shadow has reached the left hand end of the main dialplate. At noontime, the shadow is directly under the gnomon, and at 6 p.m. it arrives at the top of the right hand "ear"

Model Gnomon angle
& baseplate angle

Suitable for

Polar48 48° N (0°) 46° to 49° N (note A)
Polar50 50° N (2°) 49° to 51° N
Polar52 52° N (4°) 51° to 53° N
Polar54 54° N(6°) 53° to 55° N (note B)

Notes: A - Can be used south of 46° N with adjustments B - Can be used north of 56° with adjustments


The Spot-On Polar Sundial was first shown in public in the Sundial Garden at the Royal Show at Stoneleigh near Coventry from 1st to 4th July 2002.


31.5 W x 14 D x 13 cm. high.
12.4 W x 5.5 D x 5.1 ins. high

Weight: 11½lb. (5.25 kg)

£325 delivered mainland UK
Engraving included


If you would like further details about the sundial or its availability, please send us an Email at info@spot-on-sundials.co.uk

If you would like to discuss with us the possibility of having one of these beautiful Spot-On Polar Sundials, please send us an Email at info@spot-on-sundials.co.uk and we will get in touch with you to discuss all the details with you. Thank you for your interest!

Please be certain to include your name,and as many other details as possible and the approximate location of the proposed site of the sundial: info@spot-on-sundials.co.uk or visit the store at www.spoton-sundials.com


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