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The Spot-on Sundial - a new concept in sundials


Stainless Steel Spot-on Sundials in their setting
Click here for a map showing the locations of our stainless steel dials,
some of which are accessible to members of the public


The Spot-On Sundial in the playground of a large park in High Wycombe
420 x 420mm. sundial on a Victorian pedestal

The Spot-On Sundial in the garden of a house in Perthshire
300 x 300mm. sundial on an existing pedestal with an additional top plate

The Spot-On Sundial in the prestige award-winning residential mixed use development
at Imperial Wharf, London, SW6 by St George Central London

Special 450 mm. circular sundial on a marble plinth

The sundial at noontime, showing the "line of light" taken straight up sun. Side view showing the reflections and the top of the gnomon apparently floating
The Sundial with its handsome marble plinth adjacent to the Imperial Wharf Park. The sundial located on Lensbury Avenue.
The sundial positioned on Lensbury Avenue, leading to Imperial Wharf Park. Overlooking the Imperial Wharf Park and boating pond.

The Spot-On Sundial in the playground of an inner city school in London
420 x 420 mm. sundial on a natural rock
The sundial is at the end of the large and busy school playground. It was presented to the school by a leaving class to commemorate their time at the school. The engraving incorporates the school's crest. The pictures show the intriguing reflections in the mirror-polished surface when the sundial is located near buildings

The Spot-On Sundial in the grounds of a corporate office in Ireland

550 x 550 mm. sundial on a natural rock

The sundial commemorates the 10th anniversary of the opening of the offices of Boston Scientific in Ireland. The plinth is a large natural rock, which has been planed on one side to take an inscription in Ogham, the ancient language of Ireland.

A memorial sundial at a golf club in Suffolk
300 x 300 mm. sundial on a Redland Stone plinth

The Spot-On Sundial on a farm in lowland Scotland
420 x 420 mm. sundial on a natural rock

A natural rock on this farm was moved, and the top sawn off it to give a horizontal surface. The sundial was mounted directly onto the rock and makes a compelling feature for the farmhouse garden

A Spot-On Sundial Memorial at a school in Ohio, USA
420 x 420 sundial on a brick plinth

A Spot-On The Spot-On Sundial in a cemetery in Scotland
420 x 420 sundial on a stainless steel plinth made by a local blacksmith

The thistle theme of the plinth is continued on the bench ends and, if you look very carefully, on top of the gate post capping there are carved granite thistle heads(they came from the original castle). There is still some planting to be done round the sunken garden
stainless sundial in a cemetery in Scotland

The location of this and other Spot-On sundials in stainless steel are shown on this map

stainless sundial on a "thistle-design" stainless plinth

The Spot-On Sundial in a small courtyard garden in Kent
300 x 300 sundial on a natural stone plinth

The Spot-On Sundial in a private garden in southern Germany
420 x 420 sundial on a natural stone plinth
The sundial in daylight and with its ingenious night lighting

The Spot-On Sundial in a public garden in south-east London -
This 420 x 420 Spot-On sundial is part of the Horniman Museum sundial trail

The London Wetlands Centre, Barnes, London - 420 x 420 sundial on a solid oak plinth

This sundial is a memorial to Max Nicholson who was much involved with the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust, and many other parts of the environmental movement. (More details on www.maxnicholson.com). The hour lines have Arabic numerals for summer time and Roman for winter time; between the hour lines are short ten-minute lines and five-minute spots. This picture was taken at 17 minutes to 1 in November 2004, just after the sundial was put in place.
The mirror-polished stainless steel gives strong reflections, and the gnomon, which casts the shadow, appears to "float in air" because the matt circle appears to be continuous though part of it is in fact a reflection. For about 5 minutes at solar noon, when the sun is at its highest in the sky, a line of light shines through the slit in the gnomon. This design feature is used to orient the sundial exactly to true North so that it can be read to the nearest minute or two
The sundial is located outside the Peacock Tower, a 3-storey hide which overlooks the old reservoirs beside the River Thames at Barnes in west London. The tower is seen below with the buildings on the north side of the river in the background.

Library in Texas - 420 x 420 sundial on a natural stone plinth

Northumberland - 420 x 420 sundial on a Haddonstone sandstone plinth

Sussex - 300 x 300 sundial on Chilstone terra-cotta plinth

School in Cumbria - 420 x 420 sundial on Chilstone plinth

School in Wiltshire - 420 x 340* sundial on Haddonstone plinth

School in S.E. London - opening of 420 x 340* sundial on Haddonstone plinth

*Note: large stainless steel dials are now made 420 x 420 mm. to suit square plinths

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