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The Spot-on Sundial - a new concept in sundials


How to order your Spot-On Sundial in brass

When you have decided which sundial you want you can now buy it in our new online store!

1. Please choose the model of Spot-On Sundial appropriate to your latitude from our models page This page will also give you information about the likely despatch time. (Normally we can despatch within a week)

2. Decide whether you want your Spot-On Sundial to be specially engraved. Please see our engraving page

3. If you are in North America and want a Spot-On Sundial please click here to proceed to the secure Spot On Sundials Store site for credit card payment

4. In all other cases, please proceed to the secure Spot-On Sundials Store based in England to pay by credit card

5. If you are interested in purchasing a Spot-On Sundial in stainless steel, which will be specially made for your exact location, please visit stainless-sundials.com


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