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The Spot-on Sundial - a new concept in sundials


The Standard 27 cm. Brass Sundial.


The dialplate is 25 cm. in diameter, and stands on a baseplate 27 cm. square. The height to the top of the gnomon is 13,5 cm, and the dial complete weighs 5.3 kg. The baseplate has 4 fixing holes to secure the sundial to the plinth or other horizontal mounting surface; the dialplate, after it has been oriented correctly is locked down with the central screw. This prevents the dialplate being knocked out of alignment, and also protects the fixing holes to prevent pilferage.

Reading your Sundial

You tell the time from the top edge of the shadow, and you read the Arabic numerals in summer time and the Roman numerals in the winter. The shadow first sweeps out the morning hours (see top picture, where the time is 9.25 if summertime is in operation, or 8.25 in winter). The dialplate is marked with long hour lines extending from the base of gnomon, short 10-minute lines, and 5-minute dots, so you can read the sundial to within a minute or two. ...more

Setting up your Sundial

For about five minutes at noontime, a line of light shines between the two plates of the gnomon, and you use this feature to set up the sundial "spot-on" to true north, so that it will always tell the correct time. After it has been set up, the dialplate is locked down with the special key for the centre screw, and cannot then be knocked out of alignment. (This feature also protects the 4 fixing holes in the baseplate to prevent pilferage). ...more

Looking after your Sundial

Your sundial will need very little maintenance: you just need to wash it with warm soapy water from time to time. The surface will gradually darken with exposure to the air, and will show the shadow line even more clearly on this matt background. .....more

For further information, please contact the designer, Piers Nicholson on 0208 166 54315 or by Email , or by post to: Spot-On Sundials PO Box 67486, Hampstead, London, NW3 9RT, England

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