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  1. All the time in the world I have for you.. Love Marina
  2. Happy silver wedding anniversary Carol & Marcel - 23-04-02
  3. On our crystal wedding day - 25th October 2001, Sophie and James Brooks
  4. Let time be on your side... The future belongs to you.
  5. For my wonderful dad, Maurice, Love from Maureen
  6. May the sun always sine on this home.
  7. You reached out to put a string of lights around my heart.
  8. In memory of Pup.
  9. To my lovely wife Gillian. All my love as always Julian. XXXXXXX
  10. Haley and Simon married on 7th June 1997 at Gresford.
  11. I want to grow old with you.
  12. Emily
  13. Mum & Dad, May the sun shine on your dial like your love shines out to me. Gary
  14. Queenies garden, Chloe's too, so pretty when the sun shines through.
  15. Mick, You are the sun in my life for the rest of time. Love Lynne X
  16. Jean and Ken together forever.
  17. To a wonderful husband.
  18. Time the avenger.
  19. Heaven sent, beams of pleasure.
  20. Janice, My Love for ever - Theo
  21. A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.
  22. There is an appointed time for everything, and there is a time for every event under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1
  23. The sun shines on the righteous and unrighteous; You be righteous.
  24. 1952 - 2002, Eileen & Les
  25. In loving memory of Mum on her birthday - 23-10-01.
  26. The 5th of September will always be special
  27. Garden designer: Lisa & Toby B________
  28. Time is the graat healer
  29. To my wife Sheila & children, David, Lisa & Clare. Love Ian.
  30. Let the light of the world shine before you.
  31. The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the bird for mirth.
  32. Chris & Maf, Our time is an eternal flame.
  33. Days filled with laughter, seasons in the sun.
  34. May the sun always shine on your face.
  35. Daniel, may the sun always shine for you. 13-12-2001.
  36. Protect all living things - Love and light.
  37. Judith, Chris, Jordan & Marcus - Ness 2001
  38. Happy Anniversary
  39. Thanks for forty sunny years
  40. Rita and Tony M______ 15\12\73.
  41. Peter - when we are together, the sun shines forever - Tina.
  42. Today is a new day - so make the most of every minute.
  43. For everything there is a season.
  44. Follow the line of light to keep up with the present time.
  45. Peace follows the sun.
  46. Time waits for no man
  47. Donated to: Stamford High School 2001. By Spot-on Sundials
  48. Limpets
  49. Happy Anniversary Rob & Julie - Sept 2001, Love Pauline.
  50. Bourton-on-the-Water our little Oasis
  51. The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth, you're nearer God's heart in a garden than anywehre else on earth.
  52. Its great to be alive
  53. A M Byth
  54. James and Linda
  55. To my dear daughter When the sun is shining remember me Mum.
  56. Growing older together 08/09/2001
  57. Memories
  58. Tempus Fugit
  59. Carpe Diem
  60. Ken Adams always the sunshine in my life, love Max
  61. Where on earth would you rather be right now?
  62. Bring me sunshine cos sunshine brings laughter
  63. Esme - little Princess we have forever loved always
  64. It's time for tea
  65. Happy Days
  66. With him there is not a variation of the turning of the shadow (Jam.1:17)
  67. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
  68. May the sun always shine
  69. Ben, Nicky, Hayley, Ella and Callum with love to my family
  70. Carpe Diem - Foxton 2001
  71. Let the sun keep shining
  72. To Mum + Dad from Phillipa + Nikita
  73. 15 years - 2001
  74. Long may the sun shine on all of us
  75. To celebrate the birth of our precious son - Matthew Ryan Dinsdale born 3 March 2001
  76. May the sun always shine
  77. September 2001 - Happy retirement
  78. For Winifred and Peter - the folk who live on the hill
  79. We are but a blink in time but we blink together
  80. The silent touch of time, our comforter
  81. Monica & Dick 1944 - 1991
  82. To Dave Happy Anniversary with love. For all the time we spend together. Y.R.
  83. Happy Gardener
  84. Spot_On Sundial
  85. Strath Happy Anniversary Love Ann - 23 years
  86. May the sun always shine on our family and garden
  87. Care for the earth and the earth will care for you
  88. Wishing you a happy birthday
  89. To commemorate our Pearl Wedding anniversary 11.9.01
  90. Love, light, and eternal happiness
  91. For Eric with all mmy love on our 40th anniversary
  92. Sun rises, sun sets, love + kindness like your we never forget
  93. Mum, thanks for being you
  94. Time will tell
  95. Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life (Matt. 6 v 27)
  96. Up the Seasiders 2001/2002
  97. Ivel Close, Dot, Donna + Joe 16/3/01
  98. Bob and Beryl - Ruby Wedding anniversary 17/2/02
  99. Time in a gardem is time well spent
  100. To my husband Ron best wishes from Joan
  101. Every minute of every hour is precious - spend it wisely
  102. To Maureen & Phil, celbrating 30 happy years 1971 - 2001
  103. Tempus fujit
  104. Grow old with me, the best is yet to be
  105. Light of my life
  106. Let this light upyour life
  107. Aidan and Heather 12 August 2001
  108. For Gary - My sunshine everyday - love Ellie
  109. Give me sunshine
  110. In loving memory of Ron Harding
  111. Let the sun always shine on us
  112. For our baby Jo-ellen, We think about you endlessly! Love from Mummy, Daddy, Ross + Luis x x
  113. You'll find peace in a garden
  114. Time ambles ......trots........gallops
  115. Fantasy meets reality
  116. The kiss of the sun
  117. It's summer all year round with my Diane
  118. Rosemarie and Tony - 30th wedding anniversary 22 April 2002
  119. 24 March 2000
  120. To Nick with love
  121. Louise and Kalvin, 29th September 2001
  122. I realise more each day how lucky I am to be your daughter . . . .Jayne
  123. Stephen & Rose
  124. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home
  125. Gather ye rosebuds while y may
  126. Our wonderful garden, God's creation
  127. Happy Ruby Wedding Day, lots of love all the way
  128. I am lucky
  129. Fair as the moon, clear as the sun - The time of the flowers and brids has come


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